There are a lot of common themes in games. These themes are often used in roleplays, and are surely to be used here. Do not add your own thoughts. If you want something added to the page, you ask me first.

The Hidden Immunity

The Hidden Immunity idol is often found by solving a riddle or some sort of puzzle. It is granted to a play in an undisclosed way, meaning that the other players often won't know of a hidden immunity idol being granted to someone unless the Hosts specifically announces it.

The Tribe Swap

The Tribe Swap (or Team Switch) is an occurence in which one or more players are swapped from a team or tribe to the opposing side, and vice versa. This is a twist considered fair to players unless it specifically gives someone an advantage or disadvantage. Often times, Tribe Swaps are determined on

The Twist

Sometimes in games, the Host will throw in a twist. There aren't any specific twists, but a few common ones are the Tribal Swap, the Double Elimination, and even the Return of a Player.

Unfair or Bad Twists

  • Revealing all votes to the players by 'accident' to 'add' drama.
  • Quadruple Eliminations.
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